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Breast augmentation Brussels

Breasts are the icon of femininity, it is important for women to feel they have a harmonious body. Doctor Ballieux offers breast augmentation for women who want to look and feel better about their bodies. This surgery can be done with implants and/or lipofilling.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that inserts silicone gel implants in front of or behind the pectoralis major muscle to restore volume and proportionally improves the appearance of the breast.

While the reasons for choosing breast augmentation may differ between patients, these decisions aren’t made lightly, most patients have thought about making the change for months or even years. As there are many decisions to make when considering breast implant surgery, including the type of look you desire, the type of implant to use, the size, the shape, the location of the surgical incisions and the type of placement. All very important decisions to ensure the patient is happy with the aesthetic outcome.

These aspects of breast enhancement are discussed individually and in consultation with the patient.

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Types of Implants

Breast implants have considerably evolved with different textures, shapes, and brands are now available.

Augmentation mammaire Bruxelles
Augmentation mammaire Bruxelles


One major factor to consider if you’ve decided on getting breast implants is their shape. The shape of the implant can be round or anatomical (Teardrop).

The important thing is that the breast implants you choose conform to your own shape and size.

Some women prefer a round shape, while others may want surgery to correct sagging with a more natural teardrop shape. Each type has a different appeal.

Round breast implants

A round implant provides more volume than a natural breast on the upper part of the chest (since the height is equal to its width) with a more rounded result than the average.

The main advantage is the pronounced neckline, sometimes to the detriment of naturalness. It is nevertheless possible to adjust the projection of the breast, i.e. its volume in depth or more concretely what will give the cup, to get closer to a gentle sloping neckline while accentuating the curve of the breast on its lower part.

A moderate projection will give a compromise between volume at the top of the chest and at the bottom, while a strong projection will give a very pigeon-holed look with a striking neckline. In other words, the round shape accentuates the décolleté, but, bare breasts, the result seems less and less realistic as you increase the projection and the filling.

Teardrop breast implants

These breast implants have a more natural look, in that the bottom is fuller than the top of the breasts. As the name suggests, this gives the breasts a more tear-dropped shape. The fullness of the breast is not lost; it is simply concentrated more in the bottom portion of the breast.

The neckline is therefore less pronounced, but as you can choose three different projections it is possible to find interesting compromises.

With this anatomical model, the breast curve is positioned on the lower part of the breast. In some cases, this makes it possible to correct the beginning of breast ptosis without scarring. Anatomical implants are often recommended for thin women or women with small breasts, as they create a shape and add volume.

The anatomical implant presents a risk of rotation estimated at 5%. The shape of the implants is therefore decided on a case by case basis and will be discussed in consultation.

The round shape is suitable for some people and it is really the starting anatomy of the breast and other factors that will determine which shape is most suitable. A round shape that is adapted to the body type and with a successful projection gives very good results on already formed breasts.


Implants have an outer silicon-shell which may consist of a macro-textured, micro-textured, nano-textured or smooth surface. Textured breast implants develop scar tissue around the implant, commonly named the capsula. The capsula sticks to the implant, making them less likely to move around inside the breast. It is normal to have a thin capsula around your implants.

Texturing also offers some advantage in diminishing the risk of capsular contracture.


Dr Ballieux uses different brands such as Mentor, Motiva and Sebbin. What attracts me to Motiva, is their commitment to exceeding the standards set internationally for quality in every way.

Motiva Ergonomix™ implants have been designed with the surgeon and patient in mind. Plastic surgeons are frustrated about the problems of rotation caused by anatomical implants and patients are frustrated about how unnatural those implants look and feel following implantation. These implants are round 100% filled implants that adapt shape after implantation to give the natural look of traditional “anatomical” implants, without the complications associated with rotation and implant hardness.

The smooth nanosurfacing of Motiva implants minimizes the body’s cellular response to a foreign material so creating less scar tissue (capsule contracture) and irritation (seroma).

Motiva implants are becoming increasingly popular among patients, especially the Ergonomix

Techniques and Incisions of breast augmentation in Brussels

There are different types of placements for breast implants, as well as different placements for incision sites. This will depend on your own breast tissue and whether you prefer the surgery incision. These incisions are made where there are natural folds and will minimize visible scars.

Dr Ballieux uses the 14 Points Plan to mitigate any risks that may occur throughout the procedure. The routine use of nipple shields is part of the 14 steps plan and will reduce the risk of bacterial contamination of breast implants during breast augmentation. Capsular contracture (CC) is one of the complications that is thought to arise from bacterial contamination. Another complication arising from bacterial contamination (at the time of surgery or later) is one of the factors that are implicated in the development of BIA-ALCL disease.

Crysalix 3D

Dr Ballieux uses a sophisticated system (Crysalix 3D) which simulates in three dimensions the likely outcome of a single procedure via a picture taken with an iPad. This not only helps patients make informed decisions about their surgery, but also helps the surgeon clearly understand the patient’s desired results. Ideally suited for breast augmentation patients, this device is also applicable to breast reconstruction as well as face and body procedures.

This smart software considers each patient’s unique characteristics and brings to light any existing asymmetries of the body that may affect the result.

Crysalix 3D helps our patients to feel good about their choices of breast implants, and achieve a better version of themselves.

Frequently asked questions

Recovery from breast augmentation depends on several factors including whether your implants are placed under or on top of the chest muscle, the type of incision, and the size of your implants, but generally follows this timeline.

After breast implants are placed, the breast skin and chest muscle take a few months to stretch and relax, allowing the implants to “drop and settle” into a natural, attractive shape. Keep in mind that an implant is an “active expander” and that patience is all that is required.

First 3 Days

Most patients experience minor soreness and swelling. Sleeping in a recliner or propped up with pillows will help you sleep on your back and minimize swelling. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe oral pain medication you can use to control discomfort, if needed. Also consider arranging care from a friend or family member for the first 24 hours following surgery, and possibly a day or so longer.

Follow-up Appointment

You will have a follow-up appointment approximately 3 to 6 days after surgery.

Return to Work

Most patients are ready to return to their everyday activities within 1 to 2 weeks. We do not recommend you to drive for a week.

Physical effort

After breast augmentation it is recommended not to carry out any physical activity for several weeks. The use of a bra is mandatory 24/7 for the first 3 months until healing is completed.

Breast augmentation surgery is nowadays a safe procedure. There is, however, no such thing as risk-free surgery. Any potential risks are assessed, balanced and steps are taken to minimise their occurrence. Complications related to breast augmentation will be discussed in details in consultation.

Any surgical procedure carries some risk of bruising, swelling, infection, bleeding or reaction to anaesthesia.

In the case of breast augmentation, there is also the possibility of complications related to the breast implant, such as rupture, rippling, capsular contracture and double bubble.

These potential risks will be discussed with you during your pre-surgical consultation and you will be given a comprehensive list of pre- and post-operative instructions. Following these instructions carefully will reduce the chances of complication and improve your chances of a successful surgery.

Certain over the counter products and prescription medicines can cause complications before and after surgery. Do not take any medication containing or related to aspirin two weeks prior to your procedure. This includes NSAID’S, anti-Inflammatory medications, blood thinning medication. Please see your doctor regarding if and when to cease medication. This is not an all-inclusive list.

Also avoid Vitamin E supplements and red wine. Stop all herbal medications before surgery. The most common herbs used are Echinacea, Ephedra, Garlic, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Kava, St. John’s Wort, and Valerian. They may adversely affect anaesthetic drugs, prolong bleeding and impair healing after surgery.

Scientific evidence is unanimous about the adverse effects of smoking in the weeks surrounding surgery. These effects are multiple and can cause major scarring complications, surgical failures and favour infection of implantable materials (breast implants). Dr Ballieux therefore advises you to stop smoking 6 to 8 weeks before your operation.

The prices mentioned include all the costs of the operation: surgeon’s fee, operating aid, hospitalization and operating room fees, possible implants and follow-up. These prices are not contractual, they cannot be precisely defined, due to the complexity and specificity of each patient. The cost of a breast augmentation varies, as it is tailored to the unique anatomy of each patient.

In general, the costs for this procedure start from 4,000 euros for silicone implants.


Before and after photos of breast augmentation in Brussels

An iPad with before & after pictures to illustrate the results will be available.

You can also follow @dr.fannyballieux on Instagram to see results photos that our patients send in !

breast augmentation Woluwe

Very caring and helpful throughout my process, loving my breasts more and more every day.

Thank you!

Annalise Lynch

Get in touch with Dr Ballieux about breast augmentation in Brussels

ations that make her a renowned surgeon. Thanks to her specialisation in breast surgery at the Australian Breast Academy, she is now able to carry out impressive transformations. She is the surgeon you need to reconcile with your breasts.

She also has a great sense of interpersonal skills. Aware that each woman has a different relationship with her breasts, she always explores this relationship before giving advice. Thus, her recommendations are individual, and always lead to the most satisfactory result possible.

The secret of a successful breast augmentation in Brussels

For your breast augmentation in Brussels, Dr Ballieux offers round implants as well as anatomical or Ergonomix implants. The round implant concentrates the volume in the upper part of the breast: this type of implant accentuates the projection of your breast and consequently offers a more plunging neckline.

If you want a natural result, the anatomical or Ergonomix implant is more suitable because it develops the lower and inner pole of your breasts. Thus, the anatomical implant offers a more natural projection.

To start your breast augmentation process in Brussels :

Your satisfaction is Dr Ballieux’s priority. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask your questions and suggestions. She will be at your disposal to provide you with all the information you need to make your decision. You will first need to make an appointment with Dr Ballieux. This meeting will allow the doctor to get an idea of the type of breast augmentation you want. You will also have the opportunity to visualise the final result with the Crysalix 3D model.

We know that breast surgery requires a time to reflect. This is why, following this first consultation, you will have a legal period of fifteen days to make your decision. Dr Ballieux remains at your disposal during this period if other questions arise in your reflection. A second free consultation is always offered if the patient feels the need.

The doctor will have a final discussion with you before the operation. In addition to answering your questions, she will also draw the location of your post-operative scars. Once the operation is over you will finally receive your prescriptions and discharge documents.

Dr. Ballieux is attentive to her patients and sees them 1 week after the operation. Other appointments are then planned at 3 months, 6 months and at 1 year. This follow-up allows us to check that the implant is integrated and positioned in a natural way and also to hear your opinions on the final result.

Lipofilling for your breast augmentation in Brussels

This alternative breast augmentation technique is best suited for natural breast augmentation. Breast lipofilling allows you to sculpt your body and increase your cup size in a natural way.

In breast lipofilling, we only use your own fat tissue. The fat taken from elsewhere on your body, such as the thighs, hips, saddlebags or abdomen, is reinjected. The fat tissue is then purified and cleaned of impurities before being reinjected to shape your breasts.

This new technique, performed under general anaesthesia, is often used for breast reconstruction and for an aesthetic malformation that bothers you. If you would like to have this natural breast augmentation, please contact Dr. Ballieux to schedule an initial consultation.

Benefits of breast augmentation in Brussels

Are you not happy with your breasts? There are many reasons for undergoing breast surgery. It may be to correct an imperfection or to feel more confident and in harmony with your body. Whether you have undergone a change in the structure of your breasts after weight loss, breastfeeding or sagging. In each case, it is a personal choice and we are here to help you in your decision.

In addition, because every breast is different, Dr. Ballieux takes the time during the first consultation to simulate and discuss your expectations for your breast augmentation procedure.

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