Mia® Breast preservation & harmonisation

Minimally invasive technique for breast harmonisation under sedation

Mia® is an innovative technique that allows women to increase the volume of their breasts while preserving the tissues for a natural, harmonious result.

Harmonise your décolleté with a push-up effect of 1 to 2 cup sizes. The procedure is performed in 15 minutes without a general anaesthetic.

Mia Femtech, a promise for women

The Mia procedure brings harmony to your body and promises a proportional and naturally discreet result in just 15 minutes.
This technological innovation is made possible by a patented procedure that is carried out without a general anaesthetic so that you can resume your activities the same day.

Mia: the breast preservation and harmonisation procedure

A revolutionary 15-minute minimally invasive procedure that holds 5 scientific patents.
An exclusive high-tech system that preserves breast tissue and ligaments. This tissue preservation means you can resume your activities the same day.

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The Mia® breast harmonisation procedure


The Mia® breast harmonisation procedure is suitable if you wish to harmonise the volume of your breasts while respecting the proportions of your body.

  • You do not wish to have a general anaesthetic

  • You are looking to harmonise your breasts with results that are discreet and proportionate to your body.

  • You want to preserve your tissues because you are concerned about the impact that a breast implant can have on the ageing of your breasts.

  • Your breasts are underdeveloped and you’re tired of using subterfuges to get a pretty cleavage (padded bra, push-up bra).

  • You have a busy schedule and would prefer a quick procedure that can easily be adapted to your lifestyle.

  • You need to resume your activities the same day or the next day.

The Mia® procedure in 5 points


Harmonises the bust, push-up effect from 1 to 2 cups, natural and proportional result.

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Activities resume the same day

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Patented high-tech system for a minimally invasive procedure


Harmonises the bust, push-up effect from 1 to 2 cups, natural and proportional result.


An innovative tissue preservation technique with a 2.5 cm scar in the fold of the armpit

The Mia® experience

Enjoy a personalised experience from start to finish with a dedicated Mia® advisor who is with you every step of the way.

Your Mia® advisor listens to you and asks questions to find out more about your lifestyle and desires. Together, you draw up a tailored plan that takes into account your needs, events and milestones.

Each patient receives a Mia® kit including:

  • A kimono.
  • A Swarovski necklace with a diamond reminiscent of the diamond shape of the Mia.
  • A booklet with information about guarantees and implant registration.
  • A post-operation guide.

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Dr Ballieux provides patients with a digital photo album during consultations.

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