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Lip Lift

The skin between the upper lip and nostrils is called the philtrum, and by using Lip Lift, the upper lip is flipped out – without the ‘duck pout’ appearance that fillers sometimes achieve while chasing this look.

Mature aged patients often find that the ageing process causes their upper lip to thin and elongate, the lip lift surgery creates small, flattering adjustments that can reverse theses unwanted changes.

Lip lift surgery involves an incision which is concealed in the fold under the nose and can be performed under local anaesthetic.

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Why are lip lifts popular ?

More and more women are moving away from the high-projection filled look, and are looking at their entire oral region, seeking ideal proportions and a natural shape. While dermal fillers can dissolve in a relatively short time, lip lift results are more permanent.

Lip lift surgery is also popular in men who have previously concealed a disproportionately long philtrum with a mustache.

Frequently asked questions about a Lip Lift

Before surgery, Dr. Ballieux will give you specific recovery instructions for lip lift surgery patients. While patient experiences vary, you can expect recovery to follow this general timeline:

First 1 to 2 Days
Sleeping in a recliner or propped up with pillows will help minimize swelling. You can use medication prescribed by your plastic surgeon to control discomfort, if needed.

Follow-up Appointment
You will have a follow-up appointment approximately 5 days after surgery.

Return to Work
Most patients are ready to return to their everyday activities within 2 days, and physical activities are limited for one month or more.

Lip Lift is a safe procedure. Complications related this surgery will be discussed in details in consultation. Risks include infection, bleeding, poor scarring, asymmetry and unnatural results that are difficult to conceal with makeup. All of these potential risks will be discussed with you during your pre-surgical consultation and you will be given a comprehensive list of pre- and post-operative instructions. Following these instructions carefully will reduce the chances of complication and improve your chances of a successful surgery.

Certain over the counter products and prescription medicines can cause complications before and after surgery. Do not take any medication containing or related to aspirin two weeks prior to your procedure. This includes NSAID’S, anti-Inflammatory medications, blood thinning medication. Please see your doctor regarding if and when to cease medication. This is not an all-inclusive list. Also avoid Vitamin E supplements and red wine. Stop all herbal medications before surgery. The most common herbs used are Echinacea, Ephedra, Garlic, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Kava, St. John’s Wort, and Valerian. They may adversely affect anaesthetic drugs, prolong bleeding and impair healing after surgery.

Smoking increases the risks of complications significantly and should be ceased or at least decreased prior any surgery.

The cost for Lip lift procedures depends on the complexity of the procedure and starts at 2 000 euros.

Lip Lift : before and after photos

The Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products forbids any before-after photos on the websites in Belgium, following a law that was passed on 25 March 1964. An iPad with before & after pictures to illustrate the results will be available.

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Lip lift
Very humane person, always smiling and caring for the patient. A very good doctor.

Ange Line Chambon

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