Male Facial Rejuvenation


While men today are more and more interested in surgical aesthetic enhancements, most male patients want to look natural and not ‘over done’. That is why Dr Ballieux performs the Male Facial Rejuvenation.

The aging male face must be approached carefully and conservatively, as overly aggressive surgery can, in some cases, feminize the facial appearance.

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Male facial rejuvenation : the best procedures for men

The procedures that generally have the most positive effect for men are:

  • Eye-lid surgery (Blepharoplasty)
  • The correction of jowls (‘mini’ facelift for some, full Face-lift for others)
  • The improvement of sagging neck skin or prominent bands (Neck-lift)
  • Structural Fat grafting to restore youthful fullness in areas which have ‘deflated’ with age.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr Ballieux and ask all the questions about Male Facial Rejuvenation. She will answer carefully to all your request. 
male facial rejuvenation

Before and after photos

An iPad with before & after pictures to illustrate the results will be available.

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male facial rejuvenation

I had a big scar on my nose, left by a dermatologist. Dr Ballieux managed to remove it completely. She’s listening to her patients, she explains the whole process, which is really reassuring. I also had acne on my face at 30, which was hard to live. So far my skin is clean, without buttons and I have adopted a new beauty routine under the wise advice of Dr Ballieux. I don’t regret giving my face to Dr Ballieux. Thanks again!

Sherazade Belkbe

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