Chemical Peel -
Jan Marini

Lactic Acid 40 % or 70 %


Jan Marini chemical peel helps reduce cell build-up at different levels of the skin. This amazing facial procedure will resurface your skin giving it dramatically softer, smoother texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and reducing scarring.

A gentle Glycolic acid peel involves the application of a chemical solution to your skin in order to speed up the exfoliation process. It works by removing the superficial layer of the skin and accelerating your skin cell turnover. The strength of the peel determines the number of layers of skin peeled, the length of the downtime and inevitably, the final result.

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How will my skin look after my Chemical Peel ?

Your skin will look :

Optimising your results before the Chemical Peel

To optimise the results, you may be required to prepare using active skin care products from Jan Marini. Your pre-peel preparation may include a combination of retinol, vitamin C and glycolic ingredients.

Three days prior to your appointment, you will need to stop the use of any cosmeceutical retinols. Topical prescription of Retinal and Isotretinoin (brand name Roaccutane) need to be ceased at least two weeks in advance.



  • Face €125
  • Face & Décolletage €150
  • Pack of 5 sessions €450


  • Face €250
  • Pack of 5 sessions €1000

Chemical Peel : before and after photos

Photos Courtesy of Jan Marini Skin Research

I had a big scar on my nose, left by a dermatologist. Dr Ballieux managed to remove it completely. She’s listening to her patients, she explains the whole process, which is really reassuring. I also had acne on my face at 30, which was hard to live. So far my skin is clean, without buttons and I have adopted a new beauty routine under the wise advice of Dr Ballieux. I don’t regret giving my face to Dr Ballieux.

Thanks again!

Sherazade Belkbe

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