Body Tite and Morpheus in Brussels with Dr Ballieux

Body tite Brussels

The Body Tite effectively treats fatty deposits and loose skin with a significantly shorter recovery time compared to traditional liposuction. An effective technique to recover the elasticity of your skin that tends to sag over time. Discover the body tite in Brussels with the Dr Ballieux.

A new technique that uses radiofrequency energy to reshape fatty deposits and tighten sagging skin. It remodels not only the figure but also the neck and face to achieve smoother, firmer skin without scarring.

Particularities of the Body Tite and the Morpheus: goodbye to the useless scars

Use of radiofrequency

The Body Tite consists of two small cannulas that work simultaneously. The internal cannula, very thin, is inserted under the skin by making a small incision of 0.3 mm on a discreet part of your body. It consists of an electrode, which with the heat of the radiofrequency waves destroys the fat cells. The external cannula passes over the surface of the area to be reshaped to tighten and firm the skin at the same time.

The Morpheus is an external probe that delivers radiofrequency to treat cellulite and sagging skin. This treatment can complement the Body Tite or be performed alone in the office, under local anesthesia.


The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the power used. The body tite can be used on many parts of the body where the skin is loose. Dr. Fanny Ballieux can reshape and tighten all areas of the body and face with the Body Tite. Breast and arm lifts can also be performed without incisions using Body Tite.

The results of the Body Tite are immediate and can be complemented by a Morpheus treatment which is used to treat the appearance of waves and cellulite through an external probe.

Frequently asked questions about Body Tite and Morpheus in Brussels

The absence of surgery allows you to resume your daily activities more quickly. It is still necessary to keep a girdle for 2-3 weeks on the stomach, arms and legs to promote proper healing. You can observe changes as soon as the operation is over but the final results will be visible after 3 to 6 months.

Risks are inherent to any surgical procedure, no matter how minimal. This technique is subject to the hazards associated with living tissue whose reactions are never entirely predictable.

It is important to distinguish between complications related to the anesthesia and those related to the surgical procedure (infection, burns, asymmetry).

Do not take any medication containing aspirin during the two weeks preceding the operation. It is also advisable to stop all herbal medications.

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Body tite Brussels


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