Dr. Ballieux’s aesthetic clinic in Brussels

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From Australia to Luxembourg, via Belgium, Doctor Ballieux trained with specialists recognized internationally for their talent as surgeons. In her aesthetic clinic in Brussels, she assists those who wish to feel better about themselves thanks to aesthetic surgery.

Appreciated not only for her professionalism, but also for her transparency, Dr Ballieux is specialized in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. She is equipped with the best technologies for exceptional results.


Surgical operations carried out by Doctor Ballieux in her aesthetic clinic in Brussels

Dr. Ballieux has developed throughout her studies and her career a master hand for different types of surgery:

Body contouring surgeries

Body contouring surgeries include, for example, arms, stomach and thighs surgery. 


Breasts surgeries

Breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction are part of Dr Ballieux’s area of expertise.


Men surgery

Of course, sometimes men also feel bad about their bodies. Men’s surgeries include abdominoplasty, gynecomastia or even facial rejuvenation.


Facials surgeries

Among the various operations carried out by Doctor Ballieux, you will notably find rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, neck lift or upper lip lift. Otoplasty is also one of the operations performed by Dr. Ballieux.


Intimate surgery

The operation is intended for women whose labia minora prevail over their labia majora.


Non-invasive aesthetic treatments

In her aesthetic clinic in Brussels, Doctor Ballieux also performs a series of non-invasive treatments. You will find among these:

Skin needling;

The hydrafacial;

Injectable treatments;

PRP for hair and skin


How does a procedure take place in the aesthetic clinic in Brussels of Dr Ballieux?

Doctor Ballieux is a person appreciated by her patients, especially for the time she dedicates to them.

To begin, she receives you in her office for an initial consultation.

Then, she gives you 15 reflection days to make a decision ;

If you wish to continue the process, you can make an appointment for the day of the operation ;

On the operation day, Doctor Ballieux repeats the details of your operation and the location of your scars.

Doctor Ballieux provides post-operative follow-up during the week, then 3 months later. Finally, you’ll see Dr. Ballieux 6 months and 1 year after your operation.

Do you now want to start your metamorphosis ? So make an appointment online or by phone.

clinique esthétique Bruxelles

Very caring and helpful throughout my process, loving my breasts more and more every day.

Thank you!

Annalise Lynch

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