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There are many aesthetic surgery doctors in La Hulpe. However, there are few who have such recognized expertise as that of Doctor Fanny Ballieux. Rich in various specializations followed in Paris, Singapore but also in Sydney, Doctor Ballieux excels in many branches of surgery. Graduated for more than 4 years now, she sits at the Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery and in international aesthetic surgery societies. Well-known for her great precision as well as her sense of detail, Doctor Fanny Ballieux will help you become the best version of yourself.

Her excellent sense of contact and listening will also put you at ease. Aware that a surgical operation can cause concern, she therefore always establishes a space for dialogue before and after each of her interventions. Thus, Doctor Ballieux better understands your expectations. She provides you with the best advice regarding your body transformation.

A wide offer of aesthetic surgery in La Hulpe

Breast surgery

Breast augmentation by silicone gel prostheses placement or lipofilling, breast reduction, breast lift

Neck and face surgery

Facelift and necklift, eyelid surgery, upper lip lift, bichectomy, rhinoplasty, eyebrow lift, non-invasive facial rejuvenation, injection of hyaluronic acid and Botox using the Maio technique for greater precision and more natural results.

Body contouring

Buttock enhancement, arms lift, thigh lift, liposuction, lipofilling, abdominoplasty

Mummy Makeover

Package including breast augmentation or breast lift, abdominoplasty and/or liposuction to regain the body you had before your pregnancy.

Intimate surgery

Surgical labial reduction 


Nose reshaping, reshaping nose’s tip or removal of the “bump”


Remodeling of the cartilage as well as the shape of the ears, protruding ears surgery

Men's surgery is also part of aesthetic surgery in La Hulpe !

Men are also seekers of aesthetic surgery. The most commonly performed procedures are : belly liposuction and love handles, facial rejuvenation using non-invasive (laser-Botox) or invasive techniques such as necklift, neck liposuction, eyelids surgery. 

Procedure of your aesthetic surgery operation in La Hulpe

A first appointment with your doctor is essential so that you can clearly express your expectations. It is during this first consultation that Doctor Ballieux will inform you on the different options available to you. She takes the time to explain the surgery to you and discuss the risks and complications. Then, you can make your decision serenely based on these information.

Doctor Ballieux emphasizes on a new advanced technology. She can therefore, in the case of certain operations such as rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, show you a 3D simulation of the expected result of your operation. The simulation allows you to approach surgery in a more serene way by projecting yourself into your new self.

A period of 15 days is required between your first appointment and the delivery of your decision to Doctor Ballieux. They represent a legal reflection period, to allow you to take into consideration the elements brought up during your first consultation.

On the day of your operation, Dr. Ballieux draws the location of your post-operative scars and answers your last questions. At the end of your operation, the Dr. will come to your room to give you your prescriptions and your discharge documents.

You will have a minimum of 4 appointments after your surgery. The first will take place one week after the intervention, then you will meet your doctor after 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after the intervention.

Do you want to start your transformation now ? You can make an appointment with Doctor Ballieux, specialist in aesthetic surgery in La Hulpe, directly by phone or on the contact form on this page.

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Quality of products and human relations.


Respect and listening to patients, surgical ethics.


Integrity and professional ethics.

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