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Appreciated by all her patients not only for her professional work, but also for her transparency, her ethics and her kindness, Dr. Fanny Ballieux accompanies you throughout your reflection and your evolution. From Brussels to Sydney, via Paris and Singapore, her expertise has been built through an international education. This doctor specialized in aesthetic surgery in Woluwe also holds a double diploma since 2017, of the title of Fellow of the Collegium Chirugicum Plasticum, and an European diploma in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Feel good and confident in your body thanks to aesthetic surgery in Woluwe. 

Doctor Ballieux informs you and accompanies you in your process. She will explain the different options available for you.


Aesthetic surgery in Woluwe : our operations

Breast surgery

Breast surgery is one of Dr. Ballieux’s specialties. In order to redefine the contours of your chest, she offers breast augmentation by implant or fat transfer, a reduction of the chest if it is too voluminous or a breast lift.

Body contouring surgery

Reshaping your silhouette can be done in several ways : buttock surgery by implant or lipofilling, fat apron surgery (abdominoplasty), liposuction (SafeLipo), arm and thigh lift.

Intimate surgery

This surgery allows women to feel good about themselves and sometimes also to resume sports activities. It consists in reducing the size of the women labia minora.

Cutaneous surgery

Surgical treatment for people with skin cancer. Basal and squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, vascular malformations, congenital lesions are all part of Dr Ballieux’s area of expertise. These procedures are carried out at the Medical Center du Chant d’oiseau.

Facial surgery

Dr. Ballieux offers a series of procedures to rejuvenate your face naturally while preserving your personality : face and neck lift, eyelid surgery, eyebrow and upper lip lift, bichectomy, rhinoplasty, Botox injection, etc.

After pregnancy surgery

Directly imported from Australia, this package (breast augmentation or lifting, liposuction and/or abdominoplasty) meets the needs of women who want to regain the bodies they had before pregnancy.


A harmonious and proportionate face depends on the size and shape of our ears. It is possible to reshape and reattach the cartilages of the ear in order to restore this harmony.

What about plastic surgery operations for men?​

Aesthetic surgery for men requires special training in order to avoid feminization of the features. It is possible to masculinize your face, fight the signs of aging and redefine the outline of the male silhouette. Several interventions are proposed : liposuction, facial rejuvenation, neck lift, face lift, abdominal surgery. 

Dr. Ballieux supports you in your aesthetic surgery in Woluwe

Before considering an aesthetic surgery operation in Woluwe or elsewhere, it is  essential that you meet your doctor. This meeting takes place to discuss your expectations.

During this appointment, Doctor Ballieux will give you all the information you need and she will also take the necessary measurements to plan a 3D simulation. The result of this simulation will be available for you to download on your mobile.


For most aesthetic operations such as breast augmentation/reduction and lifting or facial rejuvenation, Doctor Ballieux will show you a 3D simulation.

Following your interview with Doctor Ballieux, you will have 15 days to reflect before giving her your consent for the operation.

This period of legal reflection is essential so that you can make your decision with complete peace of mind.

Doctor Ballieux will also follow you after your operation. You will have a follow-up appointment the first week of the procedure as well as 3 months, 6 months and 1 year later.

Doctor Ballieux will also follow you after your operation. You will have a follow-up appointment the first week of the procedure as well as 3 months, 6 months and 1 year later.

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