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botox brussels

Botox injection in Brussels are very common, as elsewhere. This technique used in aesthetic surgery allows your face to have a more youthful appearance. Indeed, botulinum toxin acts directly on the face muscles. This natural protein will relax the muscles, so to speak, and thus prevent the appearance of wrinkles. In addition to preventing the aging of your skin, a Botox injection helps smooth out your face imperfections.

Dr. Ballieux therefore puts her expertise at your service for all Botox injection requests in Brussels.

The effects of botox injections


Many people have already used Botox injection to smooth, for example:

  • Forehead wrinkles;
  • The frown line (between the eyebrows);
  • Smoker’s wrinkles on the upper lip.

These are indeed wrinkles that can appear more or less quickly depending on your skin and regardless of your age.

Botox injection reduces your face muscle activity and thus reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Contrary to popular belief, Botox is not dangerous.

The effect of Botox is not eternal and Dr. Ballieux will remind you of this during your first consultation. Indeed, you will have to return to your surgeon between 6 and 12 months later if you want to maintain the effect.


A personalized follow-up of your botox injection in Brussels

The pre and post injection follow-up is very important for Dr. Ballieux. The injection can be done on the day of the first consultation or during a second appointment. A check-up appointment with touch-up if necessary is always offered.

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botox bruxelles


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