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Breast augmentation in La Hulpe : the best for your breasts with Dr. Ballieux

breast augmentation la hulpe

A woman’s breast is the heart of her femininity, but it’s common not to have a breast proportional to your body size or shape. Having recourse to a breast augmentation in La Hulpe is therefore a possible solution. Whatever is your situation and your desires, you can trust Dr Fanny Ballieux.

Doctor Ballieux has specialized in breast surgery (breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction). You can therefore entrust her with your desire and without fear because she will find a suitable solution.

Breast augmentation techniques in La Hulpe by Dr Ballieux

Thanks to her many years of practice in plastic surgery, Dr. Ballieux has perfected two distinct techniques for a natural and scar-free result :

Placement of silicone breast implants 


First of all, lipofilling is a technique consisting in injecting the patient’s fat into her breast. Thus, the results are all the more natural. This solution is suitable for a slight breast augmentation in La Hulpe for example. If you want a bigger breast augmentation, then implants will be in order.


These two techniques each depend on the desired aspect : natural or not, size, shape, etc. You will discuss during the first consultation about what you want. This step is very important and crucial for your future appearance, which is why Dr. Ballieux attaches great importance to it.

How does the breast augmentation in La Hulpe take place ?

Dr. Ballieux pays very particular attention to the follow-up of her patients, so you have the opportunity to see, step by step, the progress of your breast augmentation in La Hulpe. From your first meeting with Dr Ballieux, you will be able to discuss your wishes.

First, Doctor Ballieux takes the time to explain to you what the operation consists of. She will tell you about implants as well as lipofilling so you could understand which operation is the best according to your expectations.

Thanks to the innovative technology used by Doctor Ballieux, you will have a clear overview of your body transformation after the operation.

A legal period of 15 days must then be observed before you submit your final decision to Doctor Ballieux. After these 15 days, if you wish to begin your metamorphosis process, Dr. Ballieux will operate on you with the greatest care.

Once D-Day arrives, you will be operated on by the Doctor. She draws, before your operation, the location of your scars and finally goes over the details of the operation with you.

Following your operation, you will see the Doctor several times so that she can provide you with professional and personalized follow-up.

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