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breast augmentation Woluwe

There are many breast augmentation surgeons in Woluwe, but few have such recognized expertise as that of Doctor Fanny Ballieux. Graduated of the The European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. (E.B.O.P.R.A.S.) for more than 4 years, she is also a member of the Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery (RBSPS) and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). Since May 2017, she has also been a member of the European Union of Medical Specialists.

To obtain her distinctions, she trained in the most recognized clinics and hospitals in the world. First at the Clinique des Champs Elysées in Paris where she became familiar with facial rejuvenation surgery. Then at the Breast Academy in Australia where she followed an additional specialization in aesthetic surgery and perfected her breast augmentation technique. She also worked for a private clinic in Australia.

Breast augmentation in Woluwe by implants

There are two types of breast implants : the round implant and the anatomical implant. The round implant accentuates the volume of the breasts, especially at the upper pole level. In this way, the neckline is more plunging.

On the other hand, if the patient wants a more natural result and to improve the shape of her breast, the anatomical implant concentrates, conversely, the volume gain in the middle part of the breast. Thus, this implant creates more harmonious curves and a more natural neckline. Dr. Ballieux has a preference for Ergonomix implants (Motiva) which combine the advantages of round implants with those of anatomical implants.

Breast augmentation by fat transfer or lipofilling

Lipofilling consists of injecting excess fat present in another part of the body (thighs, buttocks, saddlebags) into the chest. At her aesthetic surgery establishment in Woluwé, Dr. Ballieux uses the SafeLipo liposuction process. This technique, directly imported from the United States, allows Dr. Ballieux to harmoniously sculpt the body. The collected fat will then be injected into the upper and middle poles of the breast. Lipofilling is a good alternative to the implant, especially for a more natural and harmonious breast augmentation.

The 5 steps of your breast augmentation in Woluwe

Doctor Fanny Ballieux is not only recognized for the precision of her gesture. A surgical operation can raise concerns, which is why Doctor Ballieux establishes a time for dialogue before, but also after your intervention. Thanks to this time dedicated to you, your breast augmentation operation in Woluwe will take place without apprehension.

You first meet with Doctor Ballieux to discuss your expectations. Then, she takes the time to explain the surgical process to you.

You have the opportunity, thanks to the advanced technology used by your doctor, to preview the final rendering of your new chest.

After this first appointment, a legal reflection period of at least 15 days is necessary before any intervention. This delay will allow you to discuss the intervention again with Dr. Ballieux before proceeding with the surgery.

Post-operatively, Doctor Ballieux ensures your follow-up at 1 week, 3 months, 6 months and one year. In case of any problem or question, Dr Ballieux receives you in his office in Woluwe.

The prices mentioned include all of the intervention costs : surgeon’s fees, operating aid, hospitalization and operating theater costs, potential implants and follow-up. These rates are not contractual, they cannot be precisely defined, due to the complexity and specificity of each patient.

Do you want to start your breast augmentation process in Woluwe now?  Doctor Ballieux is pleased to take part in your project. Make an appointment online or by phone to start your body transformation.

breast augmentation Woluwe


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