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Chemical peeling Brussels

Dr Ballieux offers different types of peels: the peel containing 40% or 70% lactic acid from Jan Marini as well as the revitalising organic peel of the PRX-T33 type, the TCA 15 and 30% peels. The peel is a treatment that controls the removal of superficial cells from the skin. This stimulates skin renewal to improve the skin’s appearance. Regardless of your skin type, a qualified professional can perform this treatment for you.

This treatment is designed to smooth and soften the skin by balancing out any uneven skin tones. Wrinkles and fine lines are therefore considerably reduced. As well as being effective in combating the signs of ageing, it can also be beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin.

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The Jan Marini range for your chemical peel in Brussels

In addition to the Jan Marini peels, there are creams and lotions that have been designed to reinforce the effects of the peel. In order to achieve the desired result, 4 to 6 treatment sessions are required with an interval of 3 to 4 weeks between each one.

During the treatment, your skin will not show any visible signs of the treatment. It is possible that small redness may appear in the form of scaling.

Dr Ballieux will explain the possible side effects of the treatment during the consultation. You can start wearing make-up 12 hours after the session. It is imperative to stop treatments containing retinol and isotretinoin such as Roaccutane at least 14 days before the treatment.

What is the PRX-T33 bio-revitalising peel?

This peel allows your skin to be regenerated in depth without damaging your epidermis. It targets the loss of skin tone, scars, hyperpigmentation and also stretch marks.

The treatment is spread over 4 to 6 sessions with an interval of one week between each one. The gel consists of 33% trichloroacetic acid and 5% kojic acid. It also contains less than 1% hydrogen peroxide. Regardless of your pigmentation and skin type, this product is bound to be beneficial to your skin.

Benefits for your skin for a healthy glow

In addition to eliminating dead cells and helping you to fight against imperfections present on the whole face, the chemical peel in Brussels:

Some tips to optimise the results of your chemical peel in Brussels

Jan Marini has developed a range of state-of-the-art products for the most recurrent skin problems such as acne, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, dullness and deep wrinkles. Dr Ballieux recommends their use before the peel to prepare your skin.

The 5-step Skin Care Management System helps to optimise the results of the treatment. The result is a smoother and healthier looking skin. You will notice a reduction in fine lines and a more radiant complexion. It can be used as a cure, like before a peel, or on a daily basis.

Price list of chemical peelin in Brussels


  • Face €125
  • Face & neckline €150
  • Pack 5 sessions €450


  • Face €250
  • Pack 5 sessions €1000

Before/after the chemical peeling

Photos Courtesy of Jan Marini Skin Research

I had a large scar on my nose from a dermatologist. Dr. Ballieux was able to remove it completely. She listens to her patients and explains the whole process, which is really reassuring. I also had acne on my face at age 30, which was hard to deal with. Now my skin is clear, without pimples, and I have adopted a new beauty routine under Dr. Ballieux’s wise advice. I don’t regret having given my face to Dr. Ballieux.

Thank you again!

Sherazade Belkbe

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