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Are you looking for a surgeon specialized in upper lip lift in Brussels? You wish to use aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate your mouth? Dr. Ballieux, specialized in cosmetic surgery and also lip lift

Dr. Ballieux, who also works at the Clinique des Champs Élysées in Paris, uses on a daily basis rejuvenating technique. Lip lift and any other rejuvenating procedures such as Hyalurimic acid, botox, peeling, botox, Are part of her expertise area.

A lip lift in Brussels?

Skin aging lengthens the white lip and reduces the height of the red mucous lip. Your lip lift surgery consists in shortening the white part that sits above the red lip. The result is a young and natural mouth and the scar is concealed at the base of the nose.

The upper lip lift allows you to build your self-confidence

A lip lift is a small surgery that can be performed under local anaesthesia and can help you feel better about yourself Dr. Ballieux listens to you, needs and guide you on how to become the best version of you.

How does a lip lift unfold in Brussels?

During the first consultation Dr. Ballieux, explains the advantages of a Lip Lift. A delay of 15 days is then recommended before proceeding with the procedure.

Dr. Ballieux draws the new position of your lip in an upright position before injecting the local anaesthesia.

Following your surgery, your surgeon will schedule a visit with you between 5 and 7 days after your surgery. This appointment takes place in order to remove the stitches. The concealed scar is then located at the base of the nose.

Contact Dr. Ballieux for lip lift

If you would like information about upper lip lift in Brussels, Dr. Fanny Ballieux, specialist in rejuvenation operations, welcomes you to her practice in Brussels.

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