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Dr. Ballieux's expertise for lipofilling in Brussels

Lipofilling Bruxelles

Dr. Ballieux has international experience and has trained with the greatest name in aesthetic surgery. Her area of expertise includes breast and buttock lipofilling in Brussels.

Dr Ballieux is a specialised plastic surgeon doctor who can shape your body with a lipofilling and give you the natural result that you expect.

Lipofilling of the breast and buttock in Brussels

Dr. Ballieux performs natural breast and gluteal augmentation operations on a regular basis. The technique of breast / buttock augmentation by lipofilling is recommended for women who wish to obtain a natural curves without using breast or gluteal implants.

Buttock lipofilling in Brussels

Brazilian Butt lift is more and more trendy among women who wish to naturally shape their lower back and increase their buttock without using gluteal implants.

Frequently asked question

During the first consultation with Dr. Ballieux you will be able to ask her any questions you may have about the procedure of buttock or breast lipofilling. Don’t hesitate to ask her question or any doubt

Dr Ballieux can show you a simulation of the expected result. Don’t hesitate to ask her. 

A legal cooling-off period of 15 days is request in order to make a cool minded decision

If you decide to proceed with lipofilling, we will schedule an appointment for the day of your surgery.

You will of course see Dr. Ballieux again after your operation. Post-operative follow-up appointments take place 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year after your surgery.

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Lipofilling Brussels


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