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An attentive surgeon for your neck lift in Brussels

neck lift brussels

Do you have sagging skin on your neck ? Do your jowls, or folds at the bottom of your face displease you ? The solution can be a rejuvenation operation, such as a facelift for example. In her clinic, Dr. Ballieux routinely performs such surgeries, such as the neck lift in Brussels.


Doctor Fanny Ballieux, specialist in aesthetic surgery can help you erase the signs of aging that are gradually appearing on your face. First of all, she suggests less invasive techniques such as hyaluronic acid injections, eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) or eyebrow lift. Then, if you wish, she will explain to you more invasive and effective techniques such as the cervico-facial lift.

Dr. Ballieux's technique for your neck lift

The neck lift, also called cervico-facial lift, is an intervention that often frightens patients and therefore requires careful consideration.

It takes place under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis and consists of repositioning structures such as the cheekbone and jowl in particular.

The excess of skin is then removed.

The incisions follow the contour of your face, and are therefore very discreet. Thanks to her experience in esthetic surgery, Dr. Ballieux guides you and reassures you in your approach. Contact her for a neck lift in Brussels.


Doctor Ballieux is your reference for a neck lift in Brussels

Listening to the desires of her patients, Doctor Ballieux is above all an expert practitioner in aesthetic surgery operations. Her mastery of innovative, non-invasive and operative techniques is recognized by her patients as a major asset in rejuvenation techniques.

Less invasive rejuvenation techniques in Brussels

Are you also learning about non-invasive rejuvenation techniques ? Dr. Ballieux is an expert in:

Injection of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid naturally restores the volumes and contours of the face.


This product paralyzes the muscle responsible for the unsightly wrinkle. A natural and non-frozen result can be obtained if you discuss it with your doctor.

Eyelid lift and brow lift

Dr. Ballieux can also perform a blepharoplasty that illuminates the eyes. In some cases, an eyebrows lift will be offered if they fall on your eyelids.


Contact Dr. Ballieux for a neck lift in Brussels

If you wish to meet Dr. Ballieux for an anti-aging consultation, she will analyze your face in order to advise you in all honesty.

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