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Plastic surgery Brussels: the most innovative techniques for you

plastic surgery brussels

Are you looking for an excellent surgeon for a plastic surgery operation in Brussels? Whether in a process of physical or aesthetic repair, Doctor Fanny Ballieux is an experienced surgeon.

Her knowledge and skills in the field of plastic surgery guarantee you a natural result for all types of interventions.

The different types of plastic surgery in Brussels by Dr Ballieux

After spending several years specializing in different areas of plastic surgery, Dr. Ballieux has become particularly specialized in aesthetic breast surgery. She trained at the Breast Academy and was thus able to deepen her art. Through her training in Australia, France and Belgium, she has also developed an expert hand for surgical operations.

Thus, Dr. Ballieux regularly performs surgery on the face, the body shape, breasts, men surgery, lipofilling, intimate or cutaneous surgery, and post-pregnancy surgery.

This last operation, called “mummy makeover”, allows women who have given birth to regain a silhouette comparable to the one they had before their pregnancy.

Consultation and prices for your plastic surgery in Brussels​

To begin with, Dr Ballieux welcomes you to her office in Brussels. You will talk about your desire to have surgery.

Doctor Ballieux will take the time to explain your procedure in details as well as the risks and complications.

If you want to have surgery after this reflection period? You can then make an appointment to start your transformation.

On the day of the operation, the Doctor explains the surgical procedure to you again and finally proceeds with the operation. Then, you receive your discharge documents and prescriptions.

You will see again Dr. Ballieux 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year after your operation.

Contact Doctor Ballieux 

You can now contact Doctor Ballieux for your plastic surgery operation in Brussels.


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Chirurgie plastique Bruxelles


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Integrity and professional ethics.


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