Breast augmentation in Belgium

Breast augmentation surgery in Belgium is performed with silicone gel breast implants or lipofilling. The reasons why patients want to change the size and/or appearance of their breasts are diverse and specific to each patient.
Breast augmentation in Belgium by implant is a surgical operation that consists of inserting silicone gel implants behind the pectoral muscle in a dual-plane fashion in order to obtain a more harmonious breast.

When opting for breast implant surgery, several things must be taken into account, such as the desired appearance (natural or not), the size and shape of the implant (round, anatomical or ergonomic), the location of the incision and the position of the implant (under the muscle or in front of the muscle). Dr Ballieux will guide you in your decision based on the result you desire.

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Different breast augmentation implants in Belgium

Breast implants have undergone a rapid and considerable evolution. Many different brands, sizes and designs are now available.

Augmentation mammaire Bruxelles
Augmentation mammaire Bruxelles

Round or anatomical shape

The shape of the breast forms will determine the appearance of your new breast. In addition to the traditional round breast forms, you can now opt for contoured or ergonomic anatomical breast forms that give a more natural look.

There is a wide range of sizes and profiles to choose from, allowing a choice of prostheses to suit the patient’s expectations and figure. Dr Ballieux works with Mentor and Motiva implants. These two brands offer a lifetime guarantee on your implants.

Round breast implants

Round implants give more volume in the upper pole of the breast, resulting in a more rounded breast. Anatomical or ergonomic implants develop the lower pole of the breast a little more while maintaining a natural curve in the upper pole. The result is therefore more natural with this type of implant.
Dr Ballieux modifies your cleavage by reducing the gap between your breasts and giving them a natural curve. This can be achieved with the Dual Plane technique.

The round shape is suitable for some people. However, it really is the starting anatomy of the breast and other factors that will determine which shape is the most suitable for you. For example, a round shape adapted to the morphology and with a successful projection gives very good results on already formed breasts.

Anatomical breast implant

In contrast to round implants, anatomical or ergonomic implants (Ergonomix) provide more volume in the lower part of the breast, which is comparable to the appearance of a drop of water. This results in a much more natural looking breast and a more natural looking cleavage. There are several projections. The projection will be chosen according to the desired result.

With the anatomical model, the silicone gel develops the lower pole of the breast. It is therefore possible to correct the beginning of a sagging breast without leaving a scar. These implants are particularly suitable for women with small breasts who need to create a shape and add volume.
An anatomical implant has a rotation uncertainty of about 5%.

The shape used should therefore be discussed at length and individually during the consultation. The best alternative to avoid this risk of rotation is to use the Ergonomix implant from Motiva.

The round shape is suitable for some people and it is really the starting anatomy of the breast and other factors that will determine which shape is most suitable. A round shape that is adapted to the body type and with a successful projection gives very good results on already formed breasts.


The breast implant shell is made of a silicone elastomer that can be macro-textured, micro-textured, nano-textured (Motiva) or smooth. A scar tissue (the capsule) develops around the implants and encapsulates it to ensure its stability. It is normal to have a thin capsule around your breast implants.


Dr Ballieux works with the best brands of implants such as Motiva and Mentor. All brands are not equal and the quality of the silicone gel varies. The patient is free to decide on the brand of implants used.

Motiva’s Ergonomix implants are of the new generation and give a very natural appearance with very little risk of capsular contracture. These implants give results that are very similar to anatomical implants while eliminating the risk of rotation.

The surface of the Motiva implants is nano-textured, which reduces the response of the body’s cells to the foreign body and reduces the cellular biofilm surrounding the implants. This is why they are considered the latest generation of implants.

Motiva implants are becoming increasingly popular among patients, especially the Ergonomix-type implant

Techniques and incisions for breast augmentation in Belgium

To reduce the visibility of scars from the incision, the scar is placed in a natural fold of the breast. The location of the incision is determined during the consultation. Incising around the areolas is not recommended as it encourages bacterial contamination and capsular contracture. The implant is usually placed under the pectoral muscle using the Dual-Plane technique to enhance the aesthetic result.

New recommendations have been given to reduce the risk of contamination during breast implant surgery. These are strictly observed by Dr Ballieux, which reduces the chances of complications and the development of ALCL. For example, to reduce the bacterial load and biofilm around your implants, Dr. Ballieux uses a Keller funnel to place your implant. This technique significantly reduces the rate of capsular contracture.

Crysalix 3D

Enjoy the advantages of Crisalix 3D simulation software Dr. Ballieux works with. It gives you access to the visualisation of the likely outcome of your breast augmentation.

Dr Ballieux takes an image of your breasts during the consultation, using a high definition camera and an iPad. You can admire the rendering of your prostheses in 3D.

This innovative process does not consider the anatomical differences of each patient and does not take into account the asymmetries of each individual. The result is not always faithful to reality. You receive the resulting images directly on your phone.

Breast surgery in Belgium: procedure and operation overview with Dr. Ballieux

1st consultation

Before proceeding to any breast implant change or breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Ballieux will carry out an initial consultation.

This consultation is essential and allows us to discuss your expectations and to define together the type of implant and size of prosthesis that would suit you best.

Therefore, according to your morphology, and following precise measurements, Dr. Ballieux will help you to determine the most harmonious implant for your silhouette. A portfolio with numerous before and after results is available during consultation.

This consultation is also an opportunity to ask your breast surgeon any questions about the operation.

Breast implant replacement surgery or breast augmentation procedure

The breast implant replacement surgery or the breast augmentation procedure is always carried out under general anaesthetic. On average, the duration of the procedure is 1 hour, including the anaesthesia, the operation time and the patient’s awakening. After waking up, you will be under medical supervision for a few hours before being able to return home. This procedure is performed as a day surgery in a hospital setting.

Breast augmentation Belgium

Post-operative follow-up consultation

1 to 2 days after the breast surgery, a post-operative follow-up consultation will take place to assess the condition of your breast. A second consultation will take place at 6 weeks and then at 4 and 8 months. These consultations are included in your quote. 

Common questions about breast augmentation in Belgium

Before undergoing any plastic surgery procedure, it is essential to gather information beforehand and obtain answers to all your questions. In order to assist you in this process, Dr. Ballieux answers your questions regarding the pre- and post-operative aspects of a breast augmentation in Belgium.

Following a breast augmentation, several factors influence the healing time such as the shape and location of your implants. It takes about 9 months for your pectoralis major muscle to relax. After this time, your implant will take on a more natural appearance. The implant is said to have integrated into your tissue.

The post-operative bra is mandatory for 6 weeks day and night. This reduces pain and increases the success of the operation. Breast augmentations are performed under general anaesthesia. Dr. Ballieux never places drains during the operation.

Here is the usual timeline following surgery:

  • During the first 3 days after the operation you may experience moderate pain and slight swelling. Dr Ballieux will prescribe painkillers to remedy this. The pain is quite normal and is caused by the muscle contracture of your pectoral muscle. It is preferable that a family member or a friend around you for the first 48 hours after the operation.
  • A post-operative check-up will take place 3 to 6 days after the operation.
  • After 1 to 2 weeks, you are normally ready to resume your daily life and return to work. We do not recommend driving for the first week.
  • We strongly recommend 6 weeks without physical exertion.

The risks involved in any surgical procedure should be considered in the case of breast augmentation. The risks are unpredictable, such as swelling, bleeding or bruising.

A distinction must be made between the risks associated with the anesthesia and those associated with the surgical procedure. The doctor will discuss with you the rare complications that exist during the consultation: stretch marks, alteration of the sensitivity of the nipples, effusion, scarring, infection, hematoma.

Some over-the-counter medications can cause complications after surgery, such as increased bleeding during and after surgery. Do not take products containing aspirin two weeks before or anti-inflammatory or anticoagulant drugs.

Dr Ballieux will answer any questions you may have about drug intake before surgery. It is also best to stop taking herbal medicines, vitamin E and protein powder. They can be detrimental to the proper action of the anaesthetic drugs or prolong the post-operative healing time.

Smoking should be avoided in the weeks surrounding breast surgery. It can lead to poor healing and surgical failure and increase the rate of infection. Dr Ballieux recommends that you stop smoking 4-6 weeks before surgery.

The prices include all the costs of the procedure: fees, operating aid, hospitalisation and operating theatre costs, implants and follow-up. The total cost in Belgium varies according to the morphology of each patient and starts from 4500 euros for Motiva type prostheses.

On average, it takes 2 weeks to recover (postoperative recovery) from a breast augmentation. However, each body is unique and may react differently. Engaging in sports activities is not recommended for 4 to 6 weeks. Lifting objects weighing more than 5 kg is prohibited during this same period.

Following breast augmentation surgery, it is recommended that you sleep on your back for 6 weeks. Indeed, this is the preferred position in order to reduce swelling and to avoid any post-operative complications.

Dr. Ballieux never places drains during a breast augmentation.

Would you like to opt for a minimally invasive technique? Dr. Ballieux uses the Keller funnel which reduces the size of your incision to 2.5 cm. This minimally invasive technique ensures a natural result with a small incision.

Are you looking to increase the volume of your breasts by getting breast implants in Belgium? Before making an appointment for this surgery, Dr. Ballieux, your experienced plastic surgeon, will inform you about the various contraindications:

  • Infectious conditions or evolving tumours (breast cancer),
  • Ongoing treatment such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy,
  • Patients with a bleeding diathesis,
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding.

If you have none of these symptoms, the placement of breast implants is a plastic surgery that you can consider. However, if you have any doubts regarding your medical history, Dr. Ballieux is available to listen to your concerns. She will provide precise answers to all your questions.

It is absolutely possible to breastfeed after breast surgery. Indeed, the implants are located behind the mammary glands. Therefore, the milk ducts, which carry milk to the nipples, are not affected. Thus, breastfeeding is possible after breast augmentation.

The price of a breast augmentation in Belgium with Dr. Ballieux costs 5000 euros all-inclusive. Are you considering breast enhancement? Dr. Ballieux is a breast surgeon specialised in aesthetic breast surgery. Thanks to her experience and the precise surgical techniques she uses, you will obtain a natural and harmonious result. The package for a breast augmentation with Dr. Ballieux includes the best implants on the market (Motiva &Mentor) and covers all the following fees:

  • Surgeon’s fees.
  • Surgical assistance.
  • Hospitalization and operating room expenses.
  • Cost of implants.
  • Post-operative follow-up for 1 year.

In addition, Dr. Ballieux also performs breast implant replacement surgery, breast reductions and breast lifts. Book your first consultation for a natural and harmonious breast augmentation with Dr. Ballieux directly online.

Photo gallery of breast augmentation in Belgium

Dr. Ballieux provides a digital photo album for consultation, showing before and after results.

You can also follow Dr Ballieux on Instagram ! @dr.fannyballieux

breast augmentation Woluwe

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Get in touch with Dr Ballieux about breast augmentation in Brussels

Dr Ballieux, a reference in breast augmentation

Dr. Ballieux is a specialist in breast augmentation in Belgium. In addition to her experience, her qualifications are her greatest asset. After studying a specialisation in breast surgery at the Breast Academy in Australia, she became a master in breast transformation. She is the surgeon who will make you feel good about your breasts.

In addition, her empathy is highly valued. She knows that every woman has a different relationship with her breasts, and tries to understand them before giving any advice. All recommendations are therefore personal and always lead to the best possible result.

The secret of a successful breast augmentation in Belgium

With Dr. Ballieux, choose between round, anatomical or Ergonomix implants for your breast surgery in Belgium. The round prosthesis increases the upper volume of your breast so that it offers a more plunging neckline. The anatomical and Ergonomix implants offer you a more natural result that expands the lower volume of your breast and offers a more natural neckline.

Before the start of your breast augmentation process in Belgium

Dr Ballieux makes your well-being her priority. Ask her all your questions during a consultation. She will be happy to answer them and give you all the information you need to help you in your reflection.

The choice of a breast augmentation requires careful consideration and Dr Ballieux knows this. After the first consultation, you have a legal period of two weeks to decide. Do not hesitate to contact the doctor by e-mail during this period for any further information.

A final interview takes place before the surgery to answer questions and to sketch out the location of your scars. After the operation, you will receive a prescription form and a discharge document.

Dr Ballieux will see you for a post-operative check-up 1 week, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year after your operation.

Lipofilling for your breast augmentation in Belgium

It is a technique that allows you to increase your cup size in a natural way while sculpting your body.

It consists of taking the patient’s fatty tissue, whether in the hips, abdomen or thighs, and then reinjecting it into her breasts.

This revolutionary method, which is performed under total anaesthesia, is perfect for improving the shape of an asymmetrical breast or simply for gaining a small cup. To use this natural technique, contact Dr. Ballieux to arrange a first appointment.

Why have a breast augmentation in Belgium

Are you struggling with your breasts? There are many factors that can push a woman to resort to plastic surgery. A desire for more confidence, the need to correct a small imperfection, the search for harmony with her body.

It is sometimes difficult to see one’s breasts change, whether it is after a pregnancy or weight loss or simply due to sagging caused by the normal relaxation of tissues with age, the choice to consult is yours and the doctor is there to support you.

Each breast has its own story and that is why Dr Ballieux takes the time to listen to you and discuss with you the type of breast augmentation that is right for you

Breast implant size chart

Would you like to know what a 250, 300 or 350 cc size breast augmentation corresponds to? Dr. Ballieux provides you with a detailed breast implant size chart based on the desired cup size and your chest circumference in centimeters:

breast implant size chart

This breast implant size chart is for information purposes only. Thus, depending on your morphology and the shape of the implant desired, Dr. Ballieux will confirm the final size of the implant corresponding to your expectations.

Breast augmentation Belgium: your questions about breast implants

Are you hesitating between several sizes of breast implants? Or do you want to know the average lifespan of a breast implant? Dr. Bailleux, a renowned practitioner who has performed numerous plastic surgery procedures, answers your most frequently asked questions about breast implants.

Do you want to increase the volume of your breasts but are unsure about which implant size to choose? Are you torn between a breast augmentation for a B, C, or D cup?

Before undergoing surgery, it is important to take the necessary time for reflection when choosing the size of your breast implants. Even though, on average, patients usually choose between implant sizes of 300 cc and 500 cc implant sizes, this doesn’t mean that it is the right size for you. Indeed, your expectations and your body morphology should be the primary factors to consider before undergoing any plastic surgery procedure.

Would you like to be advised by a professional? Dr. Ballieux is an expert in breast surgery. Thus, she will be able to advise you on the most suitable size according to your expectations and your morphology. In order to be in harmony with your body and for more femininity, opt for a natural and harmonious breast augmentation with Dr. Ballieux, expert in plastic surgery. Book your first consultation with Dr. Ballieux via the online calendar.

The average lifespan of quality breast implants is 15 years, during which time most laboratories guarantee their product. However, this period can vary according to several criteria. Indeed, according to the latest studies on this subject, in only 1% of cases does the implant rupture during the first 10 years. Then, the rupture rate is between 10% and 30% during the following years. It is therefore very common for implants to last more than 20 years. However, it is recommended to do a check-up once a year after the breast surgery in order to extend the life of your implants as much as possible.

Dr. Ballieux welcomes you in her practice in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre to carry out your breast implants revision. Book your consultation directly online.

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