Breast implant in Brussels

Breast implant Brussels

The breast implant in Brussels consists of increasing the volume of the breast by two sizes and offering a stable result over time.

We place silicone gel prostheses in front of and behind your pectoralis major muscle to integrate the desired volume. During an initial consultation, you will discuss with Dr. Ballieux the type of implant that will meet your personal expectations and your morphology.

The different types of breast implant in Brussels

Anatomical implant

The anatomical implant takes a pear shape by reproducing the shape of the normal breast. Thus, these prostheses offer a natural look and avoid the bulging and false breast aspect. It is then the lower and inner part of the neckline that are highlighted.

Round implant

The round shape of an implant gives more volume to the upper part of your breast than a natural breast. This implant does not develop the lower pole of the breast and concentrates the volume in the upper pole. It is then possible to adjust the projection of the breast by adapting the volume of your round implants.

The procedure of breast implant in Brussels

This implant procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Dr. Ballieux will finally discuss with you the most appropriate incision location for you. We always perform them in the natural folds of the skin such as the submammary fold to minimize visible scarring and avoid any decrease in nipple sensitivity. When you wake up, you will wear a postoperative bra. Dr. Ballieux does not use drains.

Frequently asked questions about Breast implant in Brussels

Recovery time is different for each person and may vary depending on the size of your implants. It will be necessary to wait a few weeks for your pectoral muscles to relax and integrate your implants. The final result can be seen in 6 to 12 months.

Surgery involves the risks inherent in any surgical procedure. Breast surgery is subject to the hazards associated with living tissue whose reactions are never entirely predictable. It is important to distinguish between complications related to the anesthesia and those related to the surgical procedure (capsular contracture, infection, hematoma, bleeding).

Do not take any medication containing aspirin during the two weeks preceding the operation. It is also recommended that you stop taking any herbal medication.

Dr. Ballieux recommends that you stop smoking 6 to 8 weeks before the operation to avoid major scarring complications.

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Breast implant Brussels


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