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Face lift in Belgium: opt for the skills of Dr Ballieux

lifting visage bruxelles

Dr Ballieux’s precision and experience in facial rejuvenation surgery in Belgium are qualities appreciated by her patients.

Her attention to detail and perfection makes her an expert in this field.

The different face lift options in Belgium

The different facelift operations that Dr Ballieux recommends in Belgium are:

Eyebrow lift or forehead lift

This method gives a lively and rejuvenated eye. Your eyebrows are raised in order to restore access to light in all parts of your eye. Your eyes regain their radiance.

Face and neck lift

It rejuvenates and repositions your face for a harmonious result. It is performed by working on the sagging of the jowls and the loosening of the cheekbones. It is also possible to work on the neck with only a small scar behind the ear. This scar is hidden in your hair.


A complementary procedure to the face lift in Belgium is the eyelid lift. Dr Ballieux will advise you on whether or not this procedure is necessary.

The different steps of the face lift operation in Belgium

In order to better understand your desire for change, Dr Ballieux will receive you for an initial consultation in Brussels. During this first exchange, she will give you her expert opinion on your situation.

Following this first interview, a legal time limit of at least fifteen days is imposed on you. Take the time to rethink all your wishes and the doctor’s advice. A second consultation is then planned to discuss the surgical plan and the post-operative follow-up. This consultation takes place approximately 6 weeks before your operation.

After the operation you will receive your hospital discharge form and your prescription. Two weeks before your operation, it is advisable to stop taking herbal medicines, vitamin E and protein powders. These can reduce the effect of the anaesthetics used during the operation as well as impairing postoperative healing.

After the operation, the Doctor will follow your progress closely. She will see you 24 hours after the operation, then at 7 days and 13 days post-op. Remote follow-up is carried out every 3 months for 9 months.

Contact Dr Ballieux, your face lift specialist in Belgium

Doctor Ballieux is available for all your requests for advice or questions, so do not hesitate to contact her.

lifting visage bruxelles

Very caring and helpful throughout my process, loving my breasts more and more every day.

Thank you!

Annalise Lynch

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