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If you are looking for a clinic for your facelift in La Hulpe, the expertise of Doctor Ballieux will reassure you. You will certainly appreciate the accuracy of her gesture but also her sense of welcome. Thanks to her learning of the various lifting techniques at the Clinique des Champs-Elysées in Paris, the face no longer holds any secrets for her. More and more men and women trust her for her wise advice.

All of her patients particularly appreciate the surgeon’s personalized but also realistic recommendations. If many women and men already trust her to transform their face, then why not you?

Facelift operations in La Hulpe

Thanks to her training in renowned international clinics, Doctor Ballieux offers you various interventions that will restore and harmonize your face:

Eyebrow lift

Flagship eyebrow lifting operation, restores a harmonious space between the eyelashes and the eyebrows. This intervention repositions the eyebrow and restores a young and lively look.

Face and neck lift

This intervention allows the rejuvenation of the face and neck. It repositions structures such as the cheekbone and redraws the angle of the mandible. Excess of skin disappears and the face regains its harmony.


Remodeling of the cartilage as well as the shape of the ears, protruding ear surgery.


Blepharoplasty is neither more nor less than an eyelid lift. It can target both upper and lower eyelids.

Upper lip lift

The upper lip lift is increasingly popular, it is performed under local or general anesthesia, the scar is hidden under the nose and reduces the height of the white skin lip. This way your lips will naturally look fuller.

The facelift : also a matter for men

Doctor Ballieux performs facelift operations on both men and women. Do you want to discuss it with her ? Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Ballieux.

How does a facial rejuvenation procedure take place in La Hulpe?

To get to know her patients better, Dr. Ballieux always offers you a first interview. The challenge for her is to know what pushes you to have surgery, in order to be able to advise you better.

Doctor Ballieux is aware that an operation is a mature decision. Therefore, she gives you the necessary time to think about it.

Always in a logic of good advice, Doctor Ballieux will also give you an interview to answer your last questions. Then she draws the location of your post-operative scars. Following your operation, she gives you your prescriptions and discharge documents

Doctor Ballieux remains available and attentive after your intervention. Thus, four appointments will be scheduled for this follow-up : the first 24 hours post-operation, then at 3 and 6 months, the last one a year later.

Contact Doctor Ballieux for a successful facelift in La Hulpe

Do you want to start your transformation process now? Then make an appointment with Doctor Ballieux, directly by phone or by the contact form on this page.

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Very caring and helpful throughout my process, loving my breasts more and more every day.

Thank you!

Annalise Lynch

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